CD – ‘Music by David Earl’

A recording of two of David’s compositions on the Divine Art label.

From the Divine Art website:

“David Earl is a fine British composer whose music is at once traditional in its tonality but also absolutely individual and distinctive. This is the first recording of his Cello Sonata, played by cellist George Corbett with James Sherlock (piano); the composer himself performs his exotic Piano Suite no. 3, a musical representation of Buddhist mandalas.”

Listen to an extract (mp3) from the recording: Cello Sonata – 2nd movement (opening)


International Piano

“Here is a strikingly original voice. [Earl’s music] is bursting with passion, its rhythms energising, its melodies soaring and searing… this disc will blow you away” – Joe Laredo (International Piano)

Voted joint runner-up in International Piano magazine’s “Best New Piano Music Recording” 2007 awards.

Music Web

“The ambitious Cello Sonata… is a moving work and this performance is movingly done. The Third Suite is music that shimmers and flames. The composer is a fine advocate of his own music” – Rob Barnett (MusicWeb) Read the full review


“For those who like their contemporary music tonal, substantial and individual, I suggest you investigate. David Earl is certainly a name to add to your list” – Jeremy Nicholas (Gramophone)

Musical Opinion

“I am astonished that music this good should be so little known… these two large-scale works betoken a genuine composer of considerable talent. I find the music compelling and fascinating. The recordings are excellent and this CD is strongly recommended” – Robert Matthew-Walker (Musical Opinion)

Listen to an extract (mp3) from the recording: Cello Sonata – 2nd movement (opening)